Landscaping and Yard Maintenance Guidelines

In the desert of sunny Southern Utah, especially with our hard clay soil, landscaping can be difficult. If your house has a lawn, for example, you need to mow it, pull weeds, cut tree suckers, and adjust the sprinkler clock as the seasons change. The Washington County Water Conservancy District provides some watering guidelines to help you as you adjust your sprinkler clock. We live in a desert (and our area is in a drought) so we do understand if the lawn is yellow, but if the lawn has died you will be responsible for the cost to replace it.

If your house has artificial turf, you will want to blow it down periodically with a leaf blower and use weed killer spray for the weeds. You’ll want to be careful pulling weeds around the artificial turf or you could pull out the seams. Please do not stake anything into the turf including political signs, holiday decorations, cleats, sporting equipment, play equipment, etc, as artificial turf won’t grow back.

You also need to continually pull weeds (and consider using weed killer spray) and make an effort to keep the landscaping looking as good as it was when you moved in.

Please ensure that you do not change the drainage in the yards.

If you live in a Townhome or a Condo most likely the Home Owners Association will most likely take care of landscaping. If so it should be noted under your community on our “Utility and HOA Information” page as well as your lease.

If you live in a single family home and landscaping is included then our professional landscape crew should take care of many of these items for you.

Regardless if your home includes landscaping or not, you are responsible to ensure that the yards remain clear of rubbish, trash, and inoperable vehicles. If you have a pet or a support or service animal, you are also required to clean up on a regular basis any and all the pet waste.