Thank you for living at your beautiful Cox Realty managed rental house. We know that when something doesn’t work as expected it can be a source of frustration. Review solutions to common maintenance problems. If none of those seem to resolve the problem then login to your tenant portal  to submit a maintenance request. If this is a maintenance emergency (fire/flood) please call 435-414-4551. If this is a life / personal safety please call 911. If you smell a natural gas or suspect a natural gas leak or other natural gas emergencies please call Dominion Energy at 800-767-1689.


Solutions to common problems


No power to some outlets

No Power to some outlets Check and reset breaker panel. Check and rest all GFI outlets (which are located in kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages). Also check if the plug works off a wall switch.


Garbage disposal is not working

Garbage disposal is not working When on, do you hear a buzz? If you do not hear a buzz, hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and test. If you hear a buzz, turn off disposal and unplug from wall. Mounted on the side of the disposal or side of cabinet may be an allen wrench. Put the wrench in the center shaft and twist back and forth (this un-jams the disposal). Remove the object that is causing the obstruction, turn back on, and test. Repeat until the object is removed.


No air conditioning / heater

No air conditioning / heater There are many reasons why the HVAC may not be working properly. Check the circuit breaker in the house. Also check the A/C disconnect, which is located outside the house near the air conditioner. Clean and replace filters and test. Tenants will be charged for air conditioning repairs caused by dirty or missing filters. (Learn how to change your air filter with this YouTube video) Check the thermostat display. If the display is blank then you’ll need to replace the battery in the thermostat. The system will not run if the thermostat battery has died.

  1. For most thermostat’s tug the bottom of the thermostat cover upward and outward to release the cover.
  2. There will likely be 1 AA or AAA battery, although some use other battery types.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Replace with a new fresh alkaline battery.
  5. Replace the cover.


Smoke detector is beeping

Smoke detector is beeping Likely this is caused by a battery that is dead. First replace the battery. If it continues to beep check and reset breaker panel.


Garage door won't open or close

Garage door won’t open or close Check make sure the GFI in the garage isn’t tripped. Check and reset breaker panel to ensure that the breaker isn’t tripped.


Garage door won't close and light on opener blinks

Garage door won’t close and light on open blinks Your garage door has an infrared sensor on each side of the door, which is a safety feature, to ensure that nothing is in the way. If something is detected in between these two sensors the door will not close and the light on the open blinks. Ensure that there is nothing between these sensors. In sunny Southern Utah “the lumens of light from the sun surpass that of the infrared sensor light, the sensors are not able to signal one another.” If this is happening your garage door won’t be able to close during parts of the day. You can cutout cardboard and secure it around the sensor to block out some of the sunlight.


How do I change the air filter(s)?

the HVAC system is one of the most expensive parts of your home and when it doesn’t work its pretty miserable inside. Changing HVAC filters will save you money and will help prolong the life of the system. Learn how to change your air filter with this YouTube video


Not enough hot water

Don’t have enough hot water in your rental home? Check the settings on your hot water heater. If it’s gas-powered, check that the pilot light is lit. Is your hot water heater in vacation mode (sometimes labeled “VAC”)? If so, you may need to cycle the tank to reset it. If you make any changes, wait 10 to 15 minutes before testing the water temperature again. This should give the water ample time to heat.


Potential Work Order Charges

You will potentially be responsible for the following type of work order charges:

  • If the service call issue is caused by a tripped breaker.
  • When sewer stoppage is caused by tenant(s) placement of debris in line such as toys, tools, diapers, baby wipes, rags, sanitary napkins, extensive toilet paper, etc.
  • If the Tenant fails to report necessary repairs.
  • If the Tenant fails to meet a vendor at an assigned appointment and there is a vendor charge.
  • If the Tenant’s pet or support or service animal causes damage to the property.
  • If the Tenant reports a repair which does not require service.
  • If the Tenant fails to replace battery for smoke detector, HVAC thermostat, or garage door opener and causes a service call for only battery replacement.
  • For tenant consumable items, including, but not limited to, fridge water filter and lightbulbs.
  • For replacing doors, jambs, broken glass and/or windows unless the Tenant provides a Police Report detailing the cause of the problem showing forced entry by others.
  • For carpet cleaning while living in the property.
  • For damage, which is caused to the walls, carpets, floors, etc. because the Tenant left the windows or doors open during rain or wind.
  • For tenant clogged drains, including garbage disposal.
  • Any damage to the property caused by Tenant’s guests or invitees.