My tenant is not taking care of the property. Can you help me?

Absolutely. It’s what we do. We are often asked to manage properties where the owners tried to self manage it, but found the problems insurmountable. Whether the tenants are not paying rent on time or not taking care of the property, we can help!

How quickly will I be informed of an upcoming vacancy at my property?

We will inform you as soon as we receive your tenant’s 30 day notice and will proceed with marketing of your home once we have consulted with you about the current market and your desired rent target. Your tenant will be given information which will assist them in cleaning, readying for move-out, and getting their full security deposit refunded.

How long will it take to rent my home?

Our goal is to get a property rented in the first 30 days. Our success rate is heavily influenced by the amount of rent sought and how clean and ready the property is for showing. Some homes get immediate interest and rent in just a few days, while some remain vacant for weeks due to these factors. Long vacancies cost you money and create additional work for us! We do our level best to get your property rented at a competitive level of rent in a timely manner. Within about one day, your home will be listed on several websites, be slated for print advertising, and will be promoted to hundreds of our web site subscribers who are seeking a home like yours.

How often do you perform interior inspections?

We conduct interior inspections at least twice per year.

When you take over management, may we increase the rent on my current tenants?

You may increase the rent if the tenant does not have a lease or if the initial term of the lease has expired, and the tenant is living at the property on a month-to-month agreement. Thirty to sixty days notice is required, depending on the circumstances.

Do I have to landscape the backyard, for example, or make other improvements?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. However, you will be able to command more rent by making improvements that most tenants will expect or appreciate. Remember that the tenants will want to enjoy the yard just as you enjoy yours. We can obtain free estimates for any work needed at the property.

Does it cost extra to have your company pay the bills for my property?

No. There is no additional charge to pay bills associated with your rental property. We will simply need to know exactly what bills you would like to be paid, i.e. mortgages, utility bills, homeowners association dues, property taxes, insurance and the like. Once we set them up in the accounting system as a recurring payable, funds will be dispersed to the appropriate company when rents are received.

When can I expect my report and check to be sent to me every month?

We send owner funds with a detailed cash flow statement on about the 10th of every month. We can provide you with funds even quicker through direct deposit to your account.

Will I still be able to enter the property after it is rented?

We inspect the property for you and keep you fully apprised, so you need not worry. One must careful, however, as too many visits to the property during tenancy may be construed as denying the tenant their legal right to the quiet enjoyment of the rental property. If you need or want to visit the property, you must give advance notice of at least 24 hours, and other legal restrictions may apply.

Do I need to maintain homeowner’s insurance or will the tenant be responsible?

You need to have insurance on the property, but you should check with your insurance agent, since it usually costs less to insure a  property as a rental without personal belongings within to cover.

I’m a first time investor and am unsure what do to next.

You’re in luck! We work with many seasoned investors as well as the first time investor.  Even if you are an “accidental landlord” we can help guide you through the process to maximize the return on your investment.

Can you help me find my next investment property?

Yes we can! We help our clients acquire, dispose, and manage their rental properties and we’d love to help you grow your investments.

I want to self manage but need help finding a tenant. Can you help me?

We offer a great “Leasing Only” service where we advertise your property, handle showings, provide screenings, sign the lease, and have the new tenants pay the security deposit and first months rent to us. At this point we can turn the file, money, and management over to you. However, once you experience our full-service experience you’ll begin to wonder why you even want to be involved with the management at all. Many of our Leasing Only clients end up upgrading to our full service experience.

Contact us today and let us earn your business. You will treat your investment as if it was our own.