Cox Realty welcomes roommates in most of our Southern Utah rental properties. Roommates can often times cause some complexities. We have adopted the following policies and procedures for roommates and have spelled them out here so there are no confusion.

  1. All roommates 18 and older must fill out an application. All roommates must pass all of our screening criteria.
  2. Any roommates below 18 (and their parent/legal guardian is not living in the house) must have one of their parents/legal guardian’s co-sign on the lease.
  3. Each roommate must sign the lease.
  4. Each roommate is “jointly and severally liable” for the entire lease amount, damages, and fees/fines. This means that each roommate is 100% responsible for the entire rent amount and any damages to the unit.
    For example – if one of your roommates doesn’t pay their portion of the rent then rent is not paid in full, late fees will apply, the late payment maybe reported on your credit report, it maybe turned to collections, etc. If one of your roommates damages the house then you are responsible for any charges that may apply.
  5. Each roommate must stay for the entire lease term. Breaking of the lease will result in early termination charges as outlined in your lease agreement.
  6. Cox Realty DOES NOT allow individual roommates to move out and we DO NOT allow new roommates to move in in the middle of a lease. We also do not allow for subleasing, selling your lease, or the like.
  7. If you break your lease a lease with us (in other words you are moving out for any reason prior to the lease expiration date) you will be denied on any future rental applications with us.
  8. When your lease expires all roommates must either renew together or move out together.
  9. Should a roommate decide to just move out anyways – they are still on the lease and we will not remove them. They are still responsible for the entire lease amount.
  10. If a co-signer is required for any reason – the co-signer is the co-signer for the entire unit. They are, just like each roommate, “jointly and severally liable”. A co-signer will not be removed as long as any of the roommates are living in the property.
  11. Cox Realty only accepts one electronic rent payment per month and online rent payments must be paid in full.
  12. Cox Realty will issue and mail one security deposit refund check after move out with all roommates names listed. We do not break down the deposit amount, nor do we allocate individual charges or credits to individual roommates. Security deposits are mailed to the new address provided by the tenants. If the tenants do not provide a new address, OR if the roommates provide multiple new addresses the security deposit will be mailed to the property address.
  13. Cox Realty prefers that all roommates have had at least 12-months experience living together. Cox Realty expects each roommate to be an adult and responsible. Our professional property managers manage the house not the roommates. We don’t want to be involved with fights and arguments between roommates.