Corporate Housing

Cox Realty® will lease select Southern Utah rental properties to Corporate Entities. Not all properties are eligible. Contact us for more details at 435-414-4551.

The Corporation will be required to fill out a Commercial Lease Application, which we will manually send to you. We will need the TIN for the Corporation and can provide a W9 if necessary to the Corporation. The lease term will likely be 12-months. The property is not to be subleased and is not to be listed for rent on AirBNB, VRBO, Furnished Finder,, or other similar sites.

We require a point of contact at the Corporation who has the power to legally bind the Corporation.
This point of contact must provide the Corporate phone number, Corporate Address, a direct dial phone number that directly reaches the point of contact, a phone number that is capable of receiving SMS text messages (maybe same or different number), an email address, and proof that their signature is legally binding (for example a corporate resolution).

The Corporation is required to have renters insurance (naming Cox Realty and the property owner as additional insures) and will need to have utilities in their name for the entire lease term.

All employees / tenants in the corporate housing must stay a minimum of 30-days.

The point of contact at the Corporation must provide, a minimum of 14-days before corporate employees/tenants move in or out, a copy of their government issue photo ID, contact info, and proof of a passed background check to our office, as well as their projected length of stay. If they will be bringing a vehicle the point of contact will also need to provide make, model, and license plate number to our office.

If the employee / tenant has a projected length of stay greater than 180-days they will be required to fill out an individual rental application and be approved by our office.

All vehicles must be parked in the driveway or in the garage and all HOA rules and Cox Realty rules must be followed by all employees / tenants. This includes the Prohibited Items outlined on our Screening Criteria page, including no pets and no smoking and no vaping allowed. Support or service animals must go through the reasonable accommodation request process through our support or service animal accommodation request and approved a minimum of 14-days before the support/service animal is allowed to be in or on the property.

As with all of our properties, Cox Realty will do periodic inspections of the unit and will reach out to the corporate contact to schedule that. The corporate contact will be responsible for letting their employees know when the inspection will be. The Corporation will be responsible for rent and any damages to the property.