When you rent a house the owner of the property has insurance that protects the actual dwelling in case of damage. Cox Realty has insurance. And you, our tenant, should get renters insurance.
As you are reading this you are likely asking why. Doesn’t the owners or Cox Realty’s insurance cover my stuff? No, it does not.

In a very real world example – let us pretend you move into a Cox Realty managed rental house. You go buy a brand new TV and mount it to the wall. A couple of months later a water pipe breaks and water damages, among other things, the walls, carpet, and your TV.

The owner’s insurance should cover the walls and the carpet, however your TV would not be covered.

“You’ll get new drywall but not a new TV”.

This is where renters insurance comes in.

If someone breaks into your house and steals all your stuff you can turn to your renter’s insurance to help replace everything.

Renters insurance also covers liability of you and your guests. Do you have a friend over who trips and falls in your unit? They may sue for medical damage and your renters insurance should help defend you.

Renters insurance is really cheap. According to Value Penguin the average cost of renters insurance in Utah is $12 per month.

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