Can I buy the property I’m renting?

Sometimes our tenants love the Southern Utah Rental House they are renting and decide they want to buy it. Here is some info to help with this process.

We can not guarantee that the owner of your house will be interested in selling you the home you are renting, however it is a possibility. Here are some steps you’ll want to take:

  1. Figure out a reasonable offer for the property. You can check various websites and other homes that are for sale and ones that have recently sold in the area to get an estimated value.
  2. Go to your bank or a mortgage lender and get preapproved for a loan (unless you are a cash buyer – if so then we will need proof of funds). You’ll need to submit a pre-approval letter before we will take an offer to the owner of your house.
  3. Fill out the form below and Cox Realty will take your offer to the owner of your house.

    Please note that Cox Realty will not take an offer nor talk to the owner of your house about selling until all these steps are completed, including the mortgage preapproval letter. We don’t want to waste your time, our time, and the owners time if you don’t know how much you are willing to pay nor if you are able to get a mortgage to pay that.