Management Fees

A common question we are asked is how much does it cost for Cox Realty to manage my rental property?

Here is a quick breakdown of what you should expect when you hire us to manage your property.

  1. 10% Gross Collected Rent is our base management fee for a single property under management. As our relationship grows this fee becomes more completive.
  2. $295 per property initial setup fee, which is used to pay to get the property setup in our property management system, get required information from you, walk through the property, take initial photos, write marketing descriptions, and start marketing it.
  3. $50 periodic inspection fee for each inspection of the property. This fee is waived for move in and move out inspections but is charged for all other inspections. Our goal is to inspect each property every 6-months. Please note: if there was a tenant violation and we are inspection as a result of that the tenant will pay for the inspection.
  4. $100 Vendor Screening Fee. This fee is charged if you want us to use your vendor instead of one of our approved vendors. This fee will get them setup in our system, collect insurance and W9 information. After they are setup there will be no additional fee to use them.
  5. $5 special owner draw fee. Owner Draws are paid once per month on about the 10th of the month, specific day as determined by the management company. If Owner requests a draw outside this normal draw they will be a Special Draw Fee.
  6. $50 Special Services Fee. This fee is charged per hour for any work done outside of the responsibilities of the management agreement (rounded to the nearest 30-minutes), including, but not limited to, Home Warranty Repair coordination and meeting with owner scheduled/coordinated vendors, installers, bankers, and inspectors.